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2000 watts of ultrasonic cleaning power…

Natoli’s newly improved 3-piece Ultrasonic Cleaning System is more powerful than ever! Ultrasonic cleaning is the safest, quickest, and most efficient method for cleaning your tooling. Eliminate user error and transport tooling damage with this easily automated cleaning system! With more features than ever before, our Ultrasonic Cleaning System is the perfect addition to your clean room.


  • Allen Bradley PLC digitally controls time, temperature, and power

  • Rounded tank with center drain to prevent “pooling” of water

  • Built-in alarms for maximum safety

  • 304 stainless steel lift-off lids reduce contamination points

  • All units meet FCC regulations and are CE compliant

Optional Features:

  • Automatic fill and/or drain tanks

  • Water recirculation and filtration

  • Auto-deterject injection

  • Spray rinse before and after tools enter/leave rinse tank

  • High-temp drying—up to 225˚F

  • Air knife blasts tools entering and leaving drying unit

  • Rigibot transfer arm

Optional Rigibot transfer arm feature automatically picks up basket and transfers tooling from station to station after each cycle has ended, allowing hands-free cleaning.

  1. Eliminates user safety concerns for heavy lifting
  2. Reduces tool damage due to mishandling

Installation and training available!


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