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Natoli Engineering’s Laser Vision System (LVS) And Tool Management Software (TM II).

Natoli Engineering's LVS-700

Tablet Manufacturers – are tooling inspections a costly burden?

Everyone knows that to produce quality tablets you need to maintain your tooling to a high standard. But how do you accomplish inspecting the tools in a cost-efficient and time-saving manner?

Perhaps your tooling inspections are:

  • Proving to be a tedious and time-consuming project taking your employees and machines out of production.
  • Resulting in ever-increasing labor costs.
  • Yielding unreliable data that is nearly impossible to retrieve.
  • Frequently resulting in damaged tooling from mishandling.


Natoli Has Your Solution

The LVS-700 is a non-contact laser punch inspection system that automatically measures the critical dimensions of a punch: working length, cup depth, and overall length.

  • A one-step, non-contact process
  • Speed and Efficiency – Automatic real-time measurements of critical tool dimensions
  • Multi-tip tooling capability
  • Image capture – multi-purpose camera with a zoom lens
  • Maintenance-free – Laser technology with no moving parts or air hoses
  • No complicated calibration procedure

The LVS-700 is paired with the TM-II, our state-of-the-art tooling management software. TM-II places comprehensive tool management and inspection information at your fingertips, resulting in better tablet quality and reduced press downtime. TM-II helps tablet manufacturers improve product quality and consistency, eliminate waste, and ensure regulatory record-keeping compliance.


TM-II allows users to manage their tooling through:Natoli Engineering's TM 2 Software

  • Tool matching
  • Tool storage
  • Tool inspection and usage history
  • Tolerance reporting
  • Identifying tool location
  • Quick access to detailed reports



Proven track record – Natoli’s Laser Vision System has been installed at more than 90 facilities in the past 10 years.

Natoli Engineering’s Top-notch Customer Support – Since its founding in 1973, Natoli Engineering prides itself on proving top-notch customer service following the sale. The LVS-700 Software Maintenance program offers technical support and continuous software updates that provide new features and operating system compatibility.


Download the brochure  to find out even more about Natoli’s Laser Vision System.


Natoli Engineering is the global leader in tablet compression tooling manufacturing. We deliver on the uncompromising principle of providing the highest quality tablet compression tooling, presses, and replacement parts with exceptional customer service. Natoli is built on nearly a half-century of innovation and industry leadership, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, an award-winning engineering team, and dedicated production staff. Natoli serves the pharmaceutical, nutritional, cannabis, veterinary, confectionary, and industrial tableting and encapsulation markets around the world.

Whatever your tablet tooling needs, choose the experience and dependability of Natoli Engineering Company to provide a solution. Contact us now.


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