Capsule Polisher


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When it comes to your capsules, cleanliness is key. That’s why this revolutionary polisher guarantees that all areas of the polisher are easy to clean. The one-piece cylindrical polishing chamber promotes powerful, cyclonic air flow ensuring continuous movement and ease of cleaning.


Built for ultimate ease of use and nearly instantaneous turnaround time. Mid-run clean-ups take minutes instead of hours ensuring consistent and efficient runtime.




  • Constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel for increased durability
  • Positive pressured and hermetically sealed bearings and drives for lifetime use
  • Cyclonic flow in the polishing chamber assures that powder is removed without settling, no dead areas
  • Pressurized air feeds through brush for aggressive air flow
  • No corners to collect powder in polishing chamber
  • Food safe, FDA compliant nylon brush
  • Open-ended brush shaft (for ease of cleaning)
  • No bearing or belt removal is necessary when disassembling
  • Empty cap eliminator can be mounted on either the capsule input or output
  • Ancillary devices may be mounted on output end (e.g. metal detectors)
  • Robust, extra-wide base has angle and height adjustments with locking wheels