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Designed for Small Scale Production

Natoli Engineering’s NP-P20A single-station hydraulic tablet press is a favorite for the production of injectable micro-pellets and for marginal formulations requiring deep-fill. The NP-P20A meets the FDA’s requirements for batch reporting and secure data management under CFR 21 Part 11 compliance.

Formulation Fill Options:

Standard Fill: Produces standard-sized tablets from formulations that are capable of consistently filling the dies.
Shaker Fill: Enables inject-able micro-pellets to be produced vertically even with product formulations whose characteristics will not fill the die consistently.
Deep-Fill: Provides the fill depth to make very thick tablets and inject-able micro-pellets vertically even in higher dosages.
Double-Fill: Produces tablets that require more fill depth than allowed with the deep-fill option.
Pre-compression: Eliminates air entrapment to prevent capping and lamination and can be run simultaneously with other operating modes.


  • Easy-to-use menu-driven operation
  • Intuitive 12″ HMI touchscreen
  • Mobile press with four casters
  • Utilizes standard TSM and EU B, D, core rod, deep-fill, and multi-tip tooling. Tooling can be keyed or not keyed
  • Programmable parameters for pre- and main compression force control
  • Completely enclosed guard system
  • Autodosing feature adjusts dosing to maintain compression force with product granulation density changes
  • Automatic ejection

  • Deep-fill B and D tooling option increases B or D tooling maximum depth of fill from 12.7 mm to 34.9 mm using special deep-fill tooling
  • Core rod B and D tooling
  • Large tablets with a major axis up to 50 mm can be produced in standard and unique shapes

Natoli AIM™ Control System:

Provides all the reporting and features of a full-size production rotary tablet press – modified to a single-station configuration.

Audit Trail Module: Records all critical setting changes during batch production.

Recipe Module: Reduces set-up time by storing product recipes in a secure database.

Batch Reporting Module: Records and stores all batch records, alarms, errors, stops, and starts. This information can be extracted to a USB drive or automatically saved to a secure network drive.

Security Module: Has five levels of security based on job function. Authentication and accessibility to different modules can be managed at the console or from a remote connection. Optional authentication using an HID badge can be added.

Remote Module: Provides a secure connection so settings and critical production data can be monitored remotely from a desktop PC. Natoli engineers can troubleshoot issues, monitor performance, and install software upgrades remotely after hours if required.


Key Benefits:

  • Consistent Pellet/Tablet Thickness: Both upper and lower punch positions are adjusted at maximum compression to ensure consistency of tablet/pellet thickness, a critical dimension for inject-able therapies.
  • Rejects Defective Tablets: User-programmable tablet rejection system automatically identifies and rejects tablets based on compression force changes and the position of the upper and lower punches at maximum compression.
  • Consistent Weight Control: Feeder paddle speed and fill time of the die are adjustable, allowing even hard-to-tablet products to be produced at a consistent weight.


Station Count11111
Punch TypeEU 19 / TSM BEU 1″ / TSM BEU 1″ / TSM DDeep Fill DDeep Fill B
Die TypeBBBDSpecialSpecial
Max. Depth of Fill20.6 mm (0.8110″)17.5 mm (0.6875″)22.2 mm (0.8740″)12.7—34.9 mm (0.5000—1.3740″)12.7—34.9 mm (0.5000—1.3740”)
Max. Round Diameter17.5 mm (0.6875”)16.0 mm (0.6299″)23.8 mm (0.9370″)23.8 mm (0.9370″)17.5 mm (0.6875”)
Shaped Major Dimension19.1 mm (0.7519″)16.0 mm (0.6299”)25.4 mm (1.00″)25.4 mm (1.00″)19.1 mm (0.7519″)
Max. Main Compression Force42 kN / 9,500 lbs
Max. Pre-Compression Force42 kN / 9,500 lbs
Tablet Rate Per Hour120
Weight500 kg / 1100 lbs
Shipping Weight680 kg / 1500 lbs
Power Requirements110-230VAC 1ph 50-60hz 24 amps



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Thank you very much for all of the help and patience with these sets of tooling, I know it has been difficult at some points with a lot of changes along the way. All of your work is much appreciated.

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