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Our Benchtop Manual Single-Station Tablet Press

This single-station tablet press is ideal for pharmaceutical laboratory research and development when only small samples of API are available. The NP-RD10 has multi-layering capabilities and permits independent control of both tablet hardness and weight to meet tablet production requirements and specifications.

Ideal for R&D environments, using this tablet press in lab research significantly helps to maintain tablet uniformity, reduce trial and error, and decrease formulation waste.

Press Features:

  • 10-ton hydraulic pressure gauge
  • ½” thick Lexan® guards serve as safety shields
  • Tablet ejector lever easily ejects tablet, eliminating the need for disassembly
  • Micro-adjustable depth of fill provides extremely accurate layer weight control
  • Electro-less nickel coated frame reflects rugged construction
  • Utilizes “TSM” or “EU” “B”, “D” and “F” standard tool configurations
  • Digital depth of fill gauge optimizes tablet weight consistency
  • Eliminates the handling of multiple tool parts to compress a single tablet


manual single-station tablet press Close 1 manual single-station tablet press-Close-2

Also available in automatic (NP-RD10A)

manual single-station tablet press