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Tablet R&D Made Easy

The NP-RD10A analytical, single-station bench top tablet press is ideal for laboratory research and development when only small samples of API are available for testing. The NP-RD10A has multi-layering capabilities and permits independent control of both tablet hardness and weight to meet tablet production requirements and specifications.

Sensitive enough to yield critical data from minimal amounts of APIs, yet robust enough for hands-on research. This analytical press is a great tool to offer training to R&D labs as well as universities.

Independent control of both tablet thickness, hardness, and weight.

Tooling changeover done under two minute

Get mountains of data from just one tablet.

  • Programmable Parameters
  • Tablet Ejector Lever
  • Digital Micro Fill Gauge
  • Internal Digital Controller
  • 85 kN Force Capacity
  • Multi-layer Capabilities

  • Deep fill options available for “B” and “D” tooling
  • “F” Press, “EK0”, and “B2” short lower tooling options available.
  • Core rod “B” or “D” tooling options available
  • Customized die holder can be engineered for tablets up to a 60 mm max shape dimension, eliminating the need for a standard die.
  • Digital processor displays compression and ejection forces as well as depth of fill information.

Natoli AIMPro Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

Natoli AIM™ Pro saves time by getting tablet data results from even minor formulation changes during the research and development process. This tried and proven software can generate data from a single tablet, allowing use of a minimum amount product formulation.

Compression force, ejection force, and other tablet data is collected directly from the NP-RD10A tablet press to the Natoli AIM™ Pro software database. Users can then plot tableting and formulation characteristics in order to eliminate or mitigate potential tableting deficiencies.

Natoli AIM™ Pro  comes preloaded on a laptop for easy use and mobility to gather post compaction data and set up studies.



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