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Designed for R&D and Pilot Production

The multi-functional NP-RD30 comes equipped with features that can take you all the way from R&D through production. Outperforming any other tablet press in its class, the NP-RD30 replicates the design and functionality of a full-scale production press with the analytical capabilities of an R&D machine. Whether you’re manufacturing small clinical batches or working with a new product, the NP-RD30 rotary press is built for ultimate efficiency and the dependability you need to reach your goals.

Compresses heavy tablets effortlessly with the push of a button!

Doesn’t stall on start-up; keeps consistent forces even at high RPMs!

Get your product to market faster with the data acquisition, analysis, and scalability features of the NP-RD30!

The NP-RD30’s integrated AIM™Pro data acquisition and analytical software is designed to ease formulation and process development and minimize production issues during scale-up.

  • Provides tablet press scalability parameters
  • Calculates tensile strength for round, convex, and oblong tablets
  • Quickly measures and evaluates tablet formulations and properties
  • Provides projected data from formulation changes
  • Reduces trial and error
  • Evaluates compaction properties of APIs and potential formulations
  • Measures and reports data for tabletability, compactibility, compressibility, and strain rate profiles
  • Effectively optimizes lubrication levels with ejection/compression profiles


  • Gravity Feed Frame and Hopper Options
  • Single-tablet Mode
  • Combination Caster/Levelers
  • Push-button, Self-adjusting Lower Punch Retainers
  • Gravity or Dual-Paddle Force Feeder w/Angled Plow Design
  • Optimized Fill Cam Design
  • Separate Mechanical and Compression Zones

While designed to meet the needs of research and development teams, the NP-RD30 could be used as a small tablet production press.

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Attributes 4+4 Station 8 Station 10 Station 15 Station 19 Station 22 Station
Punch Type EU 19, EU D/TSM B, D EU D/TSM D EU 19/TSM B EU D/TSM D EU 19/TSM B EU 19/TSM B
Die Type D/B D B D B BB
Maximum Depth of Fill 20—22mm (0.787—0.866″) 22mm (0.866″) 20mm (0.787″) 22mm (0.866″) 20mm (0.787”) 20mm (0.787″)
Maximum Round Diameter 17.5—23.8mm (0.687—0.937″) 23.8mm (0.937″) 17.5mm (0.687″) 23.8mm (0.937″) 17.5mm (0.687”) 12.7mm (0.500”)
Shaped Major Dimension 19.0—25.4mm (0.750—1.00″) 25.4mm (1.00″) 19.0mm (0.750″) 25.4mm (1.00″) 19.0mm (0.750”) 19.0mm (0.750”)
Pre-Compression Force 10kN
Main Compression Force 60kN
Pre- and Main Upper Punch Penetration 0—6mm
Compression Data Collection 10kN strain gauge sensors to accurately collect compression data
Vertical Pressure Roller Movement Proper upper and lower punch alignment allowing longer simultaneous dwell
Pitch Circle Diameter 200mm
Dwell Time Range 9.1—91ms
Tangential Velocity Range 105—1047mm/sec
Turret Speed 10-100 RPM
Machine Total Weight 2,835 lbs (3,235 lbs Shipping Weight)
Tablets Per Hour 2,400—24,000 4,800—48,000 6,000—60,000 9,000—90,000 11,400—114,000 13,200—132,000



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