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Don’t Miss Out on 2 Days of Learning with Natoli Experts!

Wednesday & Thursday

September 9th and 10th


Nad Potokiem 1, 72-004
Pilchowo, Poland

Learn everything from the basics to best practices for optimum tablet production on September 9-10 at Natoli Engineering’s Technical Center in Szczecin, Poland.

Topics Covered:

Tablet Press Setup, Operation, and Maintenance:

  • Minimize RSD’s through proper tablet press setup and operation
  • Proper press maintenance to reduce downtime and operating costs

Tooling Options:

  • Tooling standards and terminology overview
  • Identifying and troubleshooting common compression problems/tablet defects
  • Tooling and tablet press inspection, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Tooling steel types and coatings

Hands-On Experience:

  • Tablet press setup and operation—achieving and maintaining tablet parameters
  • Visual and dimensional inspections for potential tooling defects
  • Tooling polishing and maintenance (bring in your own tools for an evaluation and no-cost polishing)—Reduce costs and maintain quality tablets!
  • Proper cleaning, handling, and storage of tooling



STEPHEN NATOLI Global Manager, Natoli Technical Centers

Mr. Stephen Natoli has been working in the tablet compression industry for over ten years. His experience began in tablet press manufacturing and rebuilds, then to technical service and department manager for tablet press parts, turrets, and the tablet compression accessories catalog. Mr. Natoli has been featured in global trade publications for authoring white papers and articles discussing: proper cleaning; tooling refurbishment and maintenance; tooling and tablet press assessment and inspection. Mr. Natoli has lead training courses throughout the US and Europe on tablet tooling design, tablet press setup, and maintenance for members of the nutraceutical, vitamin, pharmaceutical, and cannabis industries.

HANS EIRIK FORSJORD Natoli Technical Training Expert

With over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, Mr. Forsjord has a wealth of technical knowledge in tablet production and support. He specializes in operator training, testing and commissioning machinery, process development optimization and validation, and management. As an experienced process engineer and production support manager, Mr. Forsjord has provided education, hands-on training for tablet press operators around the world.

GRZEGORZ GRZYBOWSKI Executive Manager at Natoli Poland
Mr. Grzybowski has over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, spending half of those with Natoli Engineering. He specializes in tableting process optimization ensuring clients find the best solution to meet their needs. Mr. Grzybowski’s current focus is assisting clients through the implementation of multi-tip tooling which he values as a promising and highly efficient step for the pharmaceutical industry.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, class size for this training course will be limited. Natoli is dedicated to the health and safety of our attendees and staff, and will continue to follow safety recommendations for social distancing, cleaning procedures, etc. Should illness or travel restrictions keep you from attending in September, you will get credit towards a future training event.