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A Perfect Match at a Perfect Price!

For a limited time only, get $3000 OFF our innovative Natoli AIM™ Software with the purchase of the NP-RD10A single-station tablet press.

The combination of Natoli AIM Software and the NP-RD10A tablet pressenables the evaluation of formulation properties and the identification of potential tableting issues during the formulation development and characterization process.

Natoli AIM Data Acquisition and Analytical Software saves time by gathering and organizing tableting data results from even minor formulation changes during the research and development process. Plus, the software can generate data from a single tablet, allowing use of a minimum amount product formulation.

Formulation Scientists and Lab Technicians can:

  • Evaluate compaction properties of API’s and potential formulations excipients
  • Identify tableting issues including capping, lamination, sticking & picking
  • Optimize tablet tensile strength
  • Run studies to optimize formulation lubrication
  • Store tooling formulation, compaction, and post compaction data in an organized, secure, 21 CFR Part-11 database architecture for easy data entry, utilization, and export to a CSV format
  • Evaluate mechanical properties of tablet material
  • Create graphs to compare different studies easily and accurately
  • Reduce time to production stage
  • Increase tableting quality

The NP-RD10A is the Ultimate Single-Station Laboratory Tablet Press

  • Eliminates handling of multiple tool parts to compress a single tablet
  • Ideal for R&D when only small samples of API are available
  • Permits independent control of both tablet hardness and weight
  • Improves tablet uniformity, reduces trial and error, and decreases formulation waste
  • Robust construction
  • Exceptional Design
  • Versatile Functionality
  • Small “Table-top” size
  • Extra deep fill capacity
  • Maximum Tablet size with B Tooling is 17.5mm
  • Maximum Tablet size with D Tooling is 23.8mm
  • 10 Metric ton/88.9 kN capacity
  • Saves on tablet development costs

Natoli AIM™ software exports compression force, ejection force, and other data directly from the NP-RD10A tablet press which is then stored in the software database allowing users to plot tableting and formulation characteristics. The software can track the impact of force and lubrication on tablet tensile strength, ejection force, and tablet thickness. A Dell Inspiron 14 5000 2-in1 Laptop is included with your Natoli AIM™ software. (*Subject to Upgrades)




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