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Natoli Training: USP <1062> (Sept 10-12)

Date: September 10-12, 2024

Location: Natoli Scientific, Telford PA

Cost: $2495

Early Bird Special: $2249.50

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At Natoli Scientific, we’re in the lab every day compiling thorough USP <1062> Tablet Compression Characterization data to help you identify and solve compaction problems and provide solutions. If you’re still looking for the technology and information needed to satisfy industry regulations, look no further! In our new course, we’ll use regulatory compliance training to demonstrate the best practices to address solutions to the root causes of compaction issues like picking, sticking, low hardness and more!

Through a mixture of classroom and lab work, we’ll cover all of the elements required for particle characterization, effective formulation development, and tablet manufacturing.

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Participants of this training course will finish with an understanding of these concepts:

  • Role of Material’s Molecular and Macroscopic Properties of Final Attributes of Tablets
  • Dynamic Compression Profile Parameterization (Heckel analysis, SRS Index, Work Descriptors)
  • Explain the Components and Operations of Formulation Selection
  • Data Acquisition Hardware & Software to Collect Detailed Compaction Analysis Data
  • Independently Perform Tableting Operation & Manufacturing Equipment Setup
  • Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Materials
  • Identify and Resolve Common Manufacturing Equipment Challenges
  • Tableting Profiles Derived Through Compactability, Compressibility and Tabletability, Speed Sensitivity, and Force-Displacement to Ensure USP <1062> Compliance.

Location: Natoli Scientific, Telford, PA


  • Role of material’s molecular and macroscopic properties on final attributes of compact/tablet
  • Explain Tableting Profiles derived through Compactibility, Compressibility and Tabletability, speed sensitivity, and force-displacement to ensure USP <1062> Compliance
  • Dynamic compression profile parametrization (Heckel analysis, SRS index, Work Descriptors) obtained with material sparing approach
  • Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Materials using Material Sparing Approach
  • Apply knowledge learned to use data acquisition hardware and software to collect and access detailed compaction analysis data



This course will benefit operators/technicians involved in the formulation, manufacturing and quality control process of tablets:

  • R & D pre-formulation and formulation scientist
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research & Development Staff
  • QA/QC Analyst Technical /Quality Personnel
  • Manufacturing & Process Development Operators, Engineers, Formulators
  • Contract Manufacturing & Research Organizations
  • Technical Services, Line operators and QA Specialist










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