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Dealing with tablet defects?

Wear to the cup face is generally not responsible for typical tablet defects such as capping, lamination, and flashing. These tablet defects are more related to punch tip wear. Learn the best way to check for punch tip wear and how to prevent the wear that causes common tablet defects in this whitepaper Inspecting on the Edge: Understanding Punch Tip Wear

example of j-hook
J-Hook is caused by punch tip wear and results in tablet defects such as capping, lamination, and flashing.

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Thank you so much for getting the tooling done so quickly. As I was telling my client, I had a great relationship with Natoli in the past at my previous employer and Natoli will always go above and beyond to try to help the client out but even I was surprised that you could turn around this order so quickly. From our management, we really appreciated Natoli being able to process the tooling in an expedited manner!!!!

- Pharmaceutical Company