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Shop punches and dies, tablet presses, turrets, die table segments, premium replacement parts, and accessories from Natoli.

Quality products, competitive pricing, and worldwide shipping – what more could you ask for?


carbide-tip, multi-tip, micro-tab, Kilian type punches and dies productsPunches and Dies

With over 40 years of industry experience, we have the expertise and technical know-how to custom-engineer all shapes and sizes of tablet compression tooling to your specifications. Simple or complex, you can depend on Natoli to produce superior-quality, long-lasting punches and dies made from the highest grade steel in the industry.

We can create your standard or specialty tooling in various configurations, including carbide-tip, multi-tip, micro-tab, rotating heads/tips, IMA Comprima tooling, Kilian type, 3D exotics, lined dies, and more – all available for worldwide delivery.


standard round, special shape, multi-tip, Fette die table segments productsDie Table Segments

Using an advanced system of micro-precision engineering, Natoli manufactures standard round, special shape, multi-tip, and carbide-lined die table segments that can increase your production by up to 25%.

In addition to higher speeds, more die stations per table, and enhanced productivity, die table segments minimize press downtime for refitting, resetting, and cleaning.


Natoli products, full-size industrial to benchtop model tablet presses Tablet Presses

Our line of affordable tablet presses is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A. and built on our decades of experience in the tableting industry. We know our customers want presses that efficiently meet their R&D and production needs.

With Natoli you have a choice in your tablet press: R&D or production, single-station or rotary, fully automated or manual. Whatever your need, our best-in-class tablet presses can help you optimize tablet quality while saving time and reducing costs.


Over 300,000 Tablet Press Replacement Parts and productsTablet Press Replacement Parts and Refurbishing

We stock over 250,000 tablet press replacement parts and turrets that are available for same-day shipping and cost up to 50% less than parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

We manufacture parts for virtually all tablet press types that outlast, outperform, and cost less than OEM parts. We also custom build and repair most makes and models of turrets and refurbish tablet presses.


encapsulation change and spare partsEncapsulation Parts

Through our Carlisle Precision Encapsulation Parts subsidiary, we now offer premium change and spare parts suitable for use with most major brands of encapsulation machines. Precision-engineered and manufactured from the highest quality materials, our encapsulation change and spare parts meet and often exceed the functionality and longevity of OEM parts.


Tablet Compression PRESS SETUP TOOLBOXPress Set-up Toolboxes

Our heavy-duty Natoli set-up toolboxes are outfitted with set-up tools manufactured specifically for your brand of tablet press. No more “walking in” a die and prematurely wearing out punches and dies because you don’t have the right tool on hand. Order your toolbox by machine type and number of stations.


Natoli turrets exceed OEM specificationsTurrets

At Natoli, we make top-quality turrets for nearly every make and model of compression tablet press. All of our turrets exceed OEM specifications and are manufactured to increase longevity and durability and to ensure better alignment between punch guides and die pockets.


hudreds of accessories and products to maintain your equipmentTablet Compression Accessories

Did you know that Natoli publishes the only tablet compression accessories catalog in the industry? This comprehensive catalog features hundreds of products to help you clean, lubricate, maintain, inspect, store, and analyze your equipment.


Tool Inspection System Software product by NatoliTool Inspection System

Discover how to maintain complete tool control while improving product quality and consistency by using Natoli’s Tool Management-II database. TM-II tracks important tooling information related to inspections, measurements, purchase orders, drawings, steel type, machine type, and more.

The TM-II is used with the Natoli Laser Vision System (LVS) to magnify, measure, and collect all critical punch inspection measurements of your entire tooling inventory and automatically stores them in your tooling database.


Natoli AIM Data Acquisition SoftwareInstrumentation & Control Software

Industry-leading Natoli AIM™ data acquisition and control system platform facilitates and speeds tablet and capsule research and development and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, confectionery, and veterinary industries.

A single AIM™ Software package can be used with a variety of machines, enabling an R&D lab or production facility to use one universal software platform for the entire operation.


Want to know more? Contact us now and our helpful staff will answer any questions you may have.