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lined dies from NatoliWish you could extend your tablet compression tooling life?

Now you can with Natoli’s lined dies…

Our lined dies drastically increase tool life and increase tablet quality.

Lined dies, commonly called insert dies, are used specifically to compress abrasive and corrosive formulation. However, we’ve designed both carbide and ceramic lined dies that will also hold up to significant wear.

What does that mean for you?

  • Increased tool life
  • Less head wearing
  • Reduced friction
  • Elimination of corrosion
  • Extended tablet quality


Both carbide and ceramic lined dies have an insert that is bonded into an outer steel casing, but each type comes with its own set of benefits.

carbide lined dies in a group

Carbide Lined Dies

  • Recommended with abrasive granulations
  • Work well for nutraceutical applications
  • Provide a high level of wear resistance during the compression of abrasive products
  • Increase die life by more than 10 times due to their wear liner

Ceramic Lined Dies

  • Recommended for corrosive products
  • Reduce the coefficient of friction throughout tablet compression cycles
  • Available for round and shaped tablets
  • Include a wear liner that prevents them from wearing
  • Increase die life by 5-10 times
ceramic lined dies in a group

Our lined dies are manufactured for excellent tooling efficiency, durability and performance.

Our Carbide and Ceramic lined dies are manufactured to the same tolerances and finishes as our standard steel dies. And the steel used for their casing is of the same, trusted quality.

This means that our lined dies are made from steel that is:

  • Quarantined and tested accordingly
  • Held to Natoli quality standards
  • Treated with our computerized vacuum internal quench heat-treating systems

These processes ensure our batch-to-batch consistency always meets what you’ve come to expect from Natoli Engineering.


Using these high-quality materials, we will exceed your expectation like we have for many others in industries like yours. Whether you’re in the market for lined dies or anything else, Natoli will deliver. Get a quote now or call a customer service representative at 636.926.8900.


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This is such great news!  You and Natoli are the best.  You have no idea how much this has helped us.  We greatly appreciate all the hard work. Thank you again

- Pharmaceutical Company,