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Double-Sided Rotary Tablet Press Ideal for High Compression Ratio Products

Designed to compress tablets requiring extra fill and extended dwell time, the NP-500 is a heavy-duty machine that manufactures precise, consistent and accurate tablets utilizing specialty tooling. Compression dwell time is dramatically increased with a 135% larger head flat diameter than standard “B” tooling and a 70% larger head flat diameter than standard “D” tooling. The increased die height provides 100% more fill than the standard “B” die and 69% more fill than the standard “D” die.

  • Automatic weight control
  • Low level hopper sensors improve granulation control
  • Electroless nickel compression zone
  • Forced feeder
  • Hardened steel die table
  • Automatic tablet reject
  • Auto-lubricated punch guides
  • Monitoring and alarms detect, show, and verify press status
  • Automatic operator interface/touchscreen controls
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. for quality and reliability
  • Optional internal cooling system
  • 15 HP VFD-speed control

Natoli AIM™ Control System

Designed for user-friendly and trouble-free operation, the tried and proven Natoli AIM™ Control System acquires and reports critical tablet production data in an integrated 21 CFR Part 11–compliant system architecture.

Natoli’s Maximum Dwell Time (MDT) Head

The Natoli MDT head increases dwell time without slowing your press which generally leads to less required compression force since required compression force and dwell time are related properties.

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33 Station45 Station
Tooling Sizes
Punch Type328–33328–45
Die Diameter41.28 mm (1.625″)33.34 mm (1.3125″)
Tablet Capacities
Standard Depth of Fill5.5–22 mm (0.21875″–0.875″)5.5–22 mm (0.21875″–0.875″)
Shallow Depth of Fill1.6–17.5 mm (0.0625″–0.6875″)1.6–17.5 mm (0.0625″–0.6875″)
Deep Depth of Fill16–35 mm (0.625″–1.375″)16–35 mm (0.625″–1.375″)
Max. Round Diameter30.16 mm (1.1875″)22.23 mm (0.875″)
Shaped Major Dimension31.75 mm (1.25″)23.81 mm (0.9375″)
Upper Punch Penetration4.76 mm–11.11 mm (0.1875″–0.4375″)
Operating Forces
Max. Compression Force89kN (10 US TONS)
Pitch Circle Diameter562 mm (22.125″)
Turret Speed10–62 rpm
Tablets Per Hourup to 245,520up to 334,800



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