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Searching for world-class punches and dies?

punches and diesStart here! Natoli’s micro-precision engineering maximizes the life of your tablet compression tooling.

We put four decades of experience into crafting our high-quality punches and dies.

Simple or complex, we have the experience it takes to manufacture all shapes and sizes of tablet compression tooling. Our punches and dies:

  • Are designed for maximum tool life
  • Can be customized to meet the exact requirements of your products and process
  • Ensure consistent operational efficiency and high product yield

single punch with tablets

We use the highest quality materials to create efficient, durable and highly performing tooling.

At Natoli, we have the largest inventory and selection of steel in the industry. With over 16 different grades of punch and die steel on-hand at all times, we are able to ensure consistent quality and availability.

Every punch and die we produce comes from steel that is:

  • Held to stringent quality specifications
  • Quarantined and tested thoroughly
  • Sent through our computerized vacuum internal quench heat-treating systems

We also offer a variety of specialty punch tool coatings and treatments that will increase your tool’s life and product yield. Customized to the exact requirements of your products, we can use these coatings and treatments to ensure success in production.

Natoli manufactures standard and specialty tooling in various configurations including carbide-tip, multi-tip, micro-tab, rotating heads/tips, IMA Comprima tooling, Kilian type, 3D exotics, die table segments, lined dies, and more – all available for worldwide delivery.

Get a punch and die quote today or call us at 636.926.8900 and let us help you with all your punch and die tooling needs!

We offer TABLET DESIGN services to assist you during product development.

Tablet design should never be overlooked, as it can be a detriment to your product and company. A well designed tablet can ensure solid tablet quality, streamline production, and create easy recognition, which will build brand equity.

Our experienced engineers will help you develop a tablet design to increase efficiency and effectiveness based on manufacturing requirements and restrictions. Get a punch and die quote or call us at 636.926.8900 today if you are in the product design stage.

Choosing the right tooling can increase tablet output, decrease waste and ultimately determine the success of a product launch. Learn more about choosing the right tooling in our free whitepaper: How to Choose the Right Tooling, The Key to Tableting Success.




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