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rotating head punches and diesNow, you can significantly extend the life of your tablet compression tooling with Natoli’s rotating head punches.

Our rotating head punches were designed to significantly extend the life of your shaped and multi-tip tooling with fixed key positions.

They provide more bearing surface for enhanced head wear and reduce gouging that is common in shaped or multi-tip punches with fixed key positions. Natoli’s optional rotating head punches also:

  • Increase tablet press operation speed
  • Avoid weight variations
  • Use a two-part punch configuration to significantly extend tool life
  • Reduce back angle gouging commonly seen with shaped or multi-tip punches with fixed key positions
  • Prevent binding at the pull down compression and ejection cycle of the tablet press.
  • Decrease wear concentrated at a single point, which can lead to premature head wear in that area


TRotating Head Punches with Diehe rotating head provides a two-part punch configuration. The head of the punch rotates independently to the keyed punch body. This creates increased contact surface area between the cam and punch head.

Back angle gouging is therefore drastically reduced, allowing for less head wear and longer punch service life.

All of our punches and dies are manufactured for efficiency, durability and performance.

Our team analyzes and evaluates every tablet tooling design before they begin. This process ensures you are getting the very best tooling in the industry. Get your rotating punch assembly quote today.

The steel we use to produce our punches and dies:

  • Follows stringent quality specifications
  • Goes through quarantine and testing phases
  • Is sent to a computerized vacuum internal quench heat-treating system

We believe that this thorough process provides a basis of quality that other manufacturers can’t match.

Rotating Head Punches

Using these high-quality materials, we will exceed your expectation like we have for many others in industries like yours. Whatever your tablet tooling needs, choose the experience and dependability of Natoli Engineering Company to provide a solution. Get a quote now or call a customer service representative at 636.926.8900.

Rotating Punch Assembly Quote


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