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We Manufacture Die Table Segments for Fette Tablet Presses…

Increase your production by up to 25% with Natoli’s die table segments.

Die table segments were engineered to eliminate the need for individual dies and die lock screws!

The design can increase production by up to 25% and make your process simpler and smoother. With die table segments, you can:

  • Gain more die stations per turret/press
  • Enhance productivity
  • Decrease set-up time by as much as 88%

Without the need for dies and die lock screws, your efficiency will skyrocket, providing a more productive process overall.

In addition to providing optimum tablet production, you’ll also substantially reduce downtime for refitting, resetting, and cleaning.

small die table segments

We’ll customize your segments to meet your needs.

Natoli Engineering is proud to be a manufacturer of die table segments for Fette tablet presses. Our advanced system of micro-precision engineering enables us to manufacture them at superior quality with exceptional lead times. This also allows us to maintain extremely competitive pricing.

different die segments in a line

Natoli manufactures die table segments in:

  • Standard round
  • Special shape
  • Multi-tip
  • Carbide-lined

Make the switch now and you will:

  • Increase your production rate
  • Reduce changeover times
  • Decrease cleaning and set up time
  • Extend service life
  • Minimize product loss

We manufacture die table segments for your industry.

After four decades of experience, we’ve served companies in a wide range of industries. We can provide you the exact segments you need and help you with any problems you face along the way.

We regularly provide assistance for the following industries:

If you’re looking for die table segments, we’re your best choice!  From die table segments and replacement parts to world-class customer service, Natoli is the undisputed leader in the tablet tooling industry. Choose the experience and dependability of Natoli Engineering Company to provide a solution.

Call our customer service representatives today at 636.926.8900 or get a die table segment quote now.


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