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Increased Production Rate and Better Yields=Efficiency

The NP-155 is equipped with essential features that were designed and engineered to produce quality tablets at an affordable price. With its double-sided design, the NP-155 produces two tablets per press turret cycle, allowing you to double your tablet production while running at standard single-sided rotary press speeds. The NP-155 provides significant versatility for delivering exceptional tablet quality, consistency, and production.

Unique cam system design increases the natural vacuum created when the lower punches are pulled down under the feeder opening which helps pull the powder into the dies more efficiently.

Drive systems and gearboxes have been designed to run consistently at the higher compression forces required for some tablets.

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  • Dual Vacuum System
  • Continuous Punch Head and Cam Lubrication
  • Push-button, Self-adjusting Lower Punch Retainers
  • Powder Flow Enhancer (PFE)
  • Upper and Lower Snap-in Punch Seals
  • Auto-lubricated Punch Guides

  • Pre-compression mode allows first compression cycle to be used as pre-compression if needed
  • Compression Force monitoring
  • Strain-gauged ejection cam
  • Force feeder
  • Tablet reject chute
  • Adjustable tablet ejection air stream to aid with tablet ejection, reducing tablet damage
  • Combination caster/levelers for easy setup
  • Modular shipping crate allows press to be moved from state to state easily and securely

Natoli AIM™ Control System

Designed for user-friendly and trouble-free operation, the tried and proven Natoli AIM™ Control System acquires and reports critical tablet production data in an integrated 21 CFR Part 11–compliant system architecture.

Natoli AIM™ Tracks & Reports:

  • Force deviation during batch production*
  • All produced tablets in the following categories: setup, batch, or rejected tablets*
  • Critical alarms, starts, stops, and error
    codes per batch
  • Batch and end-of-batch production data*
  • Batch RSD monitoring for product variation*

*Instrumented force monitoring option is required for these functions.


45 Station35 Station37 Station
Tooling Sizes
Punch TypeEU 19/ TSM B/ MDT-19EU 19/ TSM B/ MDT-19EU 19/ TSM B/ MDT-19
Die TypeBBBB
Tablet Capacities
Max. Depth of Fill (Stnd./Double)17.5 mm (0.69″) / 27 mm (1.063″)
Maximum Round Diameter12.7 mm (0.5″)17.46 mm (0.6875″)17.46 mm (0.6875″)
Maximum Thickness8.73 mm (0.3437″)8.73 mm (0.3437″)8.73 mm (0.3437”)
Multi-Functional Press OptionDouble-sided press with the capability to convert side one to pre-compression*
Operating Forces
Main Compression Force57.82 kN
Pre-Compression Force*57.82 kN
Pitch Circle Diameter384.18 mm
Turret Speed50 rpm
Tablets Per Hour**54,000-270,00042,000-210,00044,400-222,000

* When pre-compression option is installed
** Double filling and pre-compression modes of operation cut the output rates by 50%



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