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Natoli Tablet Presses

Lower tableting service costs with Natoli’s line of rotary tablet presses!

Natoli Rotary Tablet PressesNatoli’s line of efficient tablet presses combine remarkable tablet production, automation and dependability.

Whether your product requires a single-station, highly-efficient, manually operated tablet press, or a heavy-duty, high-output, automated tablet press, we have you covered with our lineup of specialized tablet presses.

No matter what tablet press you choose, when you buy from Natoli, you’ll receive:

  • Precise, consistent, and accurate tablets
  • Helpful customer service
  • Reliable technical support
  • Unmatched replacement part availability
  • And much more

Choose from our diverse line of specialized tablet presses to meet your specific tableting needs.

Rotary Tablet Presses


Key Benefits:

  • High quality, low cost solution for tablet manufacturers in need of a medium-output rotary tablet press
  • Direct drive gears for decreased wear and slippage
  • cGMP and CE compliant
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA for quality and reliability
  • Complete spare parts inventory
SEE NP-155

NP-250 SeriesNP-250 Series

  • Single-sided D3 type tablet press
  • Pedestal-style, entry-level machine
  • Designed for use with 1” or 2” tablet tooling
  • Reliable, affordable tablet press designed to compress pharmaceutical, nutritional, veterinary, confectionery, and industrial tablets
  • Available with an automatic feeder
SEE NP-250

NP-400 Rotary PressNP-400 Series 

Benefits and Features:

  • CE compliant
  • Touchscreen HMI
  • Standard main compression force monitoring
  • Automatic weight control
  • Tool-less zero clearance forced feeder
  • Hardened steel die table
  • Dosing tunnel VPN router for remote technical support
SEE NP-400

NP-500 SeriesNP-500 Series

  • Heavy-duty, double-sided rotary tablet press
  • Ideal for high compression ratio products
  • Designed to compress tablets that need extra fill and extended dwell time
  • Comes in semi-automatic and automatic models
  • Known for its tablet production, automation, and dependability
  • Significantly lower servicing costs makes it economically efficient
  • Enhanced hopper design improves granulation control
SEE NP-500

If you’re looking for tablet presses, we’re your best choice!  From tablet presses and tablet press replacement parts, to world-class customer service, Natoli is the undisputed leader in the tablet tooling industry.  So choose the experience and dependability of Natoli Engineering Company to provide a solution.