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Tablet R&D Made Easy with Natoli AIM™Pro

When used in conjunction with a research and development tablet press, Natoli AIM™ Pro enables you to quickly measure and evaluate different tablet formulations and properties, speeding the R&D process and reducing the time to large-scale manufacturing production.

Natoli AIM™Pro helps you easily evaluate compaction properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and potential formulations and identify potential tableting issues such as capping, lamination, sticking/picking, porosity, scalability, and tablet robustness during the product development stage.

Computer with NatoliAIMPro Program On It

Natoli AIM™Pro:

  • Saves time by getting projected data results from formulation changes during R&D
  • Evaluates compaction properties of APIs and potential formulations
  • Identifies potential tableting issues including capping, lamination, and sticking/picking
  • Determines whether there is sufficient tablet tensile strength and lubrication
  • Obtains data directly from your R&D tablet press
  • Generates data from a single tablet
  • Helps evaluate mechanical properties of tablet material
  • Generates easy-to-read reports
  • When equipped with optional equipment, enables comparison of tablet press scalability parameters

Easily Generate Plots for Tablet Profiles

Natoli AIM™Pro combines imported tableting data from a tablet press with manually entered tablet parameters to automatically generate plots for the following profiles:

tabletability data table graph
compressibility profile data graph
compactability data graph

Natoli AIM™Pro for Rotary Tablet Presses

Easily Measure:

  • Pre-compression force
  • Upper/lower compression force
  • Ejection force
  • Punch face sticking force
  • Temperature
  • Turret speed
  • Strain rate sensitivity

Export data reports including:

  • Individual and average forces
  • Post-compaction data
  • Turret speed (for rotary presses)
  • Dwell time
  • Compression event consolidation time
  • Relaxation time
  • Contact time

Match critical compression parameters such as:

  • Tangential velocity
  • Punch vertical velocity
  • Feeding time
  • Consolidation time
  • Dwell time
  • Relaxation time
  • Contact time
  • Ejection time
  • Total time to make one tablet

Take-Off Force Sensor

The AIM™ Software Take-Off-Force Sensor measures punch face sticking force, which enables you to identify potential tablet sticking problems.

Add Natoli AIM™ Legacy Capabilities to Your Existing R&D Tablet Press!

Natoli AIM™Legacy can be added to existing rotary R&D tablet presses that do not come with factory-installed analytical software, greatly increasing its value to the R&D process. For rotary R&D tablet presses with existing software, you can upgrade your software capabilities to include the benefits of this data acquisition and analytical software. Natoli AIM™Legacy adds the ability to develop Heckel plots and work curves. The Natoli AIM™ Legacy package comes with force transducer sensors, displacement sensors and Natoli AIM™ Legacy Software preloaded on a laptop computer.


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- Samantha B.