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Discover the largest punch and die steel selection in the tablet compression industry.

Natoli keeps a one-year supply of more than 16 different grades of tool steel on-site in St. Charles, Missouri.

Punch and Die Steel Types

Natoli’s Steel Facility in St. Charles, MO

This inventory is strictly maintained to ensure we have the punch and die steel you need on hand and ready to be customized to meet the exact requirements of your products and process. You’ll never have to wait for your steel to be shipped or tested.

Chemistry, cleanliness, and consistency are guaranteed.

Each shipment of steel that comes through our facility is tested for quality using the highest standards – making our tablet compression tooling the best in the industry.

Rest assured that we hold nothing back in testing our steel. We use an independent lab (American Society of Testing and Materials) for our testing procedures, using strict guidelines:

  • Each type of steel has an exact chemical composition that must be met. Each component to the chemical composition is verified before it passes.
  • A computerized vacuum internal quench heat-treating system is used to guarantee batch to batch consistency and hardness
  • Hardness is tested using the Rockwell C scale
  • We quarantine every batch away from our inventory until after testing

Our steel quality control procedures are designed to provide maximum tool life and are regarded as the best in the industry. We don’t stock it unless it has the highest quality ingredients.

Common Natoli Steel

Type Grade Description Application
Standard S1, S7 Punches General-purpose shock steels.
Standard 3Ni Punches Preferred general-purpose steel.Improved flexibility and more elasticity than “S” grade.
Premium A2, D3 Dies General-purpose, wear resistant steels.
Premium A2, D2 Punches High-carbon, high chrome steels.Great wear resistance with common granulations.
Premium 440C Punches Natoli Stainless grade, corrosion resistant. Great for product release.


Punch and Die Steel

We also provide a variety of special and exotic steels, materials, coatings and treatments to protect tooling against deterioration from abrasive materials. Please view Tool Options to learn more.

Using these high-quality materials, we will exceed your expectation like we have for many others in industries like yours. Whatever your tablet compression tooling needs, Natoli will deliver.