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Whitepaper Review Image for Pill & Tablet Tooling Life Expectancy

This is a must read for production managers, press operators, and more—especially if considering multi-tip tooling.

Multi-tip punches are a cost-effective way to increase tablet output without the need for additional tablet presses. The use of multi-tip punches follows a similar principle as a single tip tool for the rotary tablet press but there are operating techniques that must be understood for a successful tableting process.

Read about the six areas of concern and read two case studies which analyze the issues involved in moving your tablet press from single-tip to multi-tip tooling.

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First of all, I would like to pass on sincere appreciation to you and your team for 3 days turn around. Very quick delivery and excellent service!!

Just to inform you that we have successfully completed manufacturing of 1st batch without any technical challenges.

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