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Ultrasonic cleaning has long been considered the most effective, nondestructive way to clean tablet tooling and is recommended by the Tablet Specification Manual. Because ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency pressure waves to create tiny bubbles that loosen and remove even the toughest grime and contaminants, it is safe for use on delicate surfaces and instruments. This is especially beneficial for hard to clean areas on punches and dies such as key slots, cups, and die bores.

Ultrasonic is not only efficient, it also can reduce cost for your organization by reducing labor and keeping tablet compression tooling in service longer. Ultrasonic wash, rinse and dry units are easy-to-use, ensure a consistent and thorough wash procedure, and reduce damage to punches and dies due to mishandling.

This free whitepaper explains the benefits you can receive from this high-tech method of punch and die maintenance, including:

  • Why it’s important to properly clean your tooling
  • How ultrasonic technology works
  • How to enhance the quality of your tablets
  • How to keep your tooling productive for longer

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Ultrasonic Drying Unit

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It was a great help to us to fix our tooling issue, as we are running this product commercially and being down would have put us in a huge bind…We don’t know what we would have done without Natoli’s help! 

- Pharmaceutical R&D Company