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Natoli is Your First Step & Your Last Step for Tablet and Capsule Production

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Formulation DevelopmentA Natoli scientist working on our cannabis tablet and capsule production

Our Team at Natoli Scientific will provide a unique tasty compressible blend for your tableted or encapsulated products.

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Product Design for Tablets

Differentiate your brand and successfully bring innovative products to market with TabletCAD, a free Natoli online tablet design software.

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Tablet and Capsule Cannabis Production with the Natoli NP-30

Natoli's NP-30 tablet press is built to produce tablets and for mobility

Specifically developed for applications that require multiple products run on the same day, our NEW NP-30 is quickly growing in popularity. The press concept was based on years of Natoli experience working with powders, unique products, various operator skill levels, and batch sizes in the cannabis


This small to medium batch production press is ideal for applications in the cannabis and CBD industries where many different product concepts and flavors are common, as well as for its

mobility. The NP-30 is easy to learn to operate, easy to clean, change over, and maintain as many companies require in the industry.

Customers are using the NP-30 to produce 3 to 5 different small batch products per day. This level of efficiency helps reduce not only downtime but also product loss running smaller batches.

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Data Acquisition, Analysis, and Control Systems Software for Tablet

AIM Software on the NP-30 provides feedback on tablet counts, allows for press control, and has an auto lubrication option that is available for the tooling and cam tracks. This software combines tableting data imported from a Natoli press plus manually entered tablet parameters to automatically generate plots for tabletability, compactibility, and compressibility profiles.

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Natoli Engineering Provides Unparalleled Support In Everything Tablet and Encapsulation

  • Tool Design
  • Tablet Design
  • Tablet Presses and Refurbishment
  • Tablet Compression Accessories
  • Tablet Press Replacement Parts
  • Encapsulation Machines
  • Encapsulation Change & Spare Parts
  • Encapsulation Services
  • Scientific and On-site Consulting
  • Customized Technical Training
  • Regional Service Centers
  • Metallurgy

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