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Advanced Die Segment Compaction Technology for Fette Turrets

With 20 years of segment manufacturing experience, Natoli continues to create quality die segments in several materials to adapt to any product application. With customer-specific needs for die segment solutions, Natoli Segments maximize your tablet production, reduce product loss and more.


Natoli quality die segments are quickly delivered worldwide at competitive prices.



Natoli has an advanced system of micro-precision engineering that manufactures standard round, unique shapes, multi-tip, ceramic and carbide-lined die segments of exceptional quality.

Our segments are easier to assemble and disassemble, decreasing downtime and cleaning time, and increasing production and output, all of which equals more profit.

Segments replace the entire standard die table surface plate on the tablet press turret and extend service life, providing a high level of efficiency in tablet manufacturing and giving you an economic advantage.

Natoli Segments are engineered for longevity, offered at competitive prices and delivered quickly around the world.


Exceptional quality of die segments from Natoli meet or exceed OEM specifications.


There are other manufacturers offering die segments, and as a responsible consumer, you want to do your research. You will find that Natoli offers quality and experience above all others.

When you order segments from Natoli, you can expect the highest quality product with expert support and decades of experience. Natoli Segments are manufactured to OEM specifications and incomparable quality.

For better quality, better delivery and unparalleled precision, choose Natoli Die Segments.

To learn more about segments and tableting tools from Natoli, start here!

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The training, factory staff and instruction completely exceeded all expectations. I would come back anytime; easily one of the Top 10, if not Top 5, companies I have visited with. I spoke with Dale about what a great company Natoli is.

- Animal Health Company