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Natoli AIM™ Software

Natoli AIM™ Software is a powerful operating system that makes data acquisition and analytical reporting fast and easy. This platform saves time and money by simplifying tablet and capsule R&D and production.  

Natoli AIM™ Software is a flexible platform that can be retrofitted to most brands of tablet presses, encapsulation machines, roller compactors, and high-shear granulators. 

One universal platform solves R&D and production issues

Natoli AIM™ Software is supported by world-renowned customer service. 

Natoli AIM™ Software users are provided with training and support. This software helps gather data that is necessary USP <1062> tablet characterization and profiles the methodologies used to standardize the tablet compression process. Using AIM Software as part of the USP <1062> tablet profile can help to determine the best materials for (pre)formulation, and to optimize the tablet compression conditions needed to achieve robust tablet.  

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