L-Handle Torque Wrench 1/2″ Drive


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VERITORQ DIGITAL TORQUE TESTER 150 FT. LBS. For a limited time, get 15% OFF when you buy the L-handled Torque Wrench along with the VeriTorq Digital Torque Analyzer and our Die Pocket Gauge!

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Improperly torqued dies can crack, split or “pop-up” resulting in damage to the feed frame and tooling. This can cause thousands of dollars worth of repair costs, unsafe working conditions, unwanted downtime and a significant reduction in product output. Using preset torque wrenches will ensure dies are torqued to the exact specifications listed in the tablet press manual.
L-Handle Torque Wrenches ½” Drive with “Click” Design
Click-type wrenches are a must to achieve specified torque. A distinct “click” is felt and heard when proper torque is reached.

  • Mandatory for tightening all types of die lock screws
  • Re-calibrate in-house with Torque Analyzer (MA 5059)