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Four decades of experience go into every tablet press turret…

Now, you can improve the alignment and increase the longevity of your tablet press with Natoli’s turrets.

We make top-quality turrets for nearly every make and model of tablet press on the market today. And as always with Natoli, you can count on the turrets we produce to be a step above the rest.

New Feature: Push-button lower punch retainers!

Our push-button, self-adjusting lower punch retainers shorten installation time and reduce tooling and cam wear. No need for special tools, your punches release at the push of a button! All of our turrets are now being made with this new feature.

Our top-notch standard turrets feature:

  • Hardened steel die tables
  • Keyed upper punch guides
  • 3-piece die lock screw with stainless steel threaded end

All of our turrets:

  • Exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications
  • Are manufactured with hardened tool steel die tables to increase longevity and durability
  • Undergo our superior machining procedures to ensure better alignment between punch guides and die pockets

You also have the option of:

  • Hardened stainless steel die tables
  • Keyed lower punch guides

Natoli also refurbishes turrets of any size and specification. Can’t wait for it to be refurbished? We also sell refurbished parts at prices up to 50% less than the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Turret Quick Release Button Manufactured By Natoli Engineering
Tablet & Pill Press Compression Turrets
Tablet Press Turrets
Tablet Press Turrets

Our team will help you long after you’ve made your purchases.

Our experienced technical and customer support teams are what sets Natoli Engineering apart from other manufacturers in our industry.

Our staff:

  • Has four decades of experience in troubleshooting the problems you’re experiencing
  • Provides insightful troubleshooting and technical support
  • Isn’t here to sell you on parts you don’t need.
  • Will make you happy you decided to purchase from the best in the industry.

We manufacture turrets for your industry.

Some of the industries we manufacture for:


If you’re looking for turrets, we’re your best choice! From turrets and turret replacement parts, to world-class customer service, Natoli is the undisputed leader in the tablet compression industry.



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You have been so courteous throughout this entire process making it that much easier for me. Thanks again.

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