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A medium production rotary press designed to meet the most challenging needs of the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Industrial, Veterinary, and Confectionary Industries

NP_255_Right_AngleThis robust tablet press was built to meet even the most demanding needs of the tableting industry. The press comes standard with a unique set of features and options designed to increase production, improve tablet quality, reduce waste, and set new standards for ease of operation.  Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA, this unique machine has a maximum production speed of 132,000 tablets per hour.

The NP-255 was built for the highest demands of the mid-sized production market.  With a hardened steel die table, a gravity feeder that is interchangeable with a 2-paddle forced feeder, and our industry leading intuitive AIM Control System the NP255 is setting new standards for value in the mid-sized tableting industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Intuitive AIM Control System provides operation feed back to operators to help maintain tablet quality and improve productivity
  • Continuously lubricated punches, cams, and turret to help eliminate wear, reduce heat, and minimize product sticking issues.
  • Tablet weight, thickness, and hardness adjustments can be made as needed during production
  • Completely segregated compression and mechanical zones
  • Punch Barrels and die table are vacuumed during production to eliminate build up and reduce change over time
  • Upper and Lower Punch Guides are standard with soft seals to reduce punch binding, reduce heat in the punches, and contain the product granulation
  • Reduced product loss with our specially designed feeder and powder recirculation system
  • Upper and Lower Cam track guards keep cams cleaner to reduce heat, wear, and increased tooling life
  • Lower Punch Retainers to help maintain consistent tablet weight
  • Direct drive gears for decreased wear and slippage
  • cGMP and CE compliant
  • Turret Mounted with Upper and Lower Tapered Bearing
  • Can be configured for standard TSM/EU D, B, or BB Tooling

Whatever your needs, simple or complex, standard or original design, we welcome your inquiry. Please feel free to fill out the form below to request more information.


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