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Optimization Increases Potential Revenue More than $46,000/hr

We’ve had lots of success stories with the NP-400 due to its designed flexibility. This allows us to adapt the press specifically for your tableting needs.

Customized Cosmetics

When we first took on a recent customer to redesign their tablet compression tooling, we had no idea that it would turn into an NP-400 Success Story. After working with the international, all-natural cosmetics company to define their long-term needs, we optimized a new NP-400 and prepared them for international scale. Optimizations include tooling, feeder system modifications and an optional hopper upgrade.

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It was a great help to us to fix our tooling issue, as we are running this product commercially and being down would have put us in a huge bind…We don’t know what we would have done without Natoli’s help! 

- Pharmaceutical R&D Company