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Increase Production. Save Money.

Natoli Engineering offers customized retrofitting to your tablet press machine. Our Natoli AIM™ control system can be retrofitted to most brands of tablet presses undergoing refurbishment. Add menu-driven operation, interactive display modes, user-friendly graphics, and ease of operation to your outdated tablet press.

Natoli AIM™ control systems are designed to:

  • Improve ease of operation of your existing tablet press
  • Increase tableting efficiency
  • Report Title 21 CFR Part 11-compliant data
  • Increase product yields
  • Improve tablet quality
  • Reduce tableting costs

Add Simplified Batch Tracking and Reporting to your Tablet Manufacturing

Our Natoli AIM™ control system is network-ready with secure data sets that meet the FDA’s electronic records requirements and makes report generation and storage easy. Real-time tablet production data are displayed on a customizable, easy-to-read dashboard on the HMI touchscreen. Batch reports can be transferred to secure network drives for shared views, data backup, and secure storage.

Press operators can easily and quickly generate:

  • Activity/performance reports
  • Product and variation reports (RSD)
  • Batch and end-of-batch reports
  • Error code and alarm reports
  • Audit trail of changes during batch production


The power of Natoli AIM™ software is not limited to tablet presses. Natoli AIM™ data acquisition and control systems can be used with roller compactors, high-shear granulators, and encapsulation machines, providing a single software platform for your entire lab or production facility. In addition, Natoli AIM™ software makes capturing data and creating helpful reports fast and easy.

AIM™ Software for high-shear granulators allows you to easily monitor and measure the granulation process. By measuring impeller torque, power, amperage, and tip speed, the AIM™ Software package helps you identify the process endpoint and provide the parameters for scale-up.

The AIM™ Software package for roller compactors allows you to easily and quickly monitor the compaction process by recording and displaying the following:

  • Roller force and pressure
  • Roll gap/ribbon thickness
  • Roll torque and roll speed

This helps identify whether too much or too little force is being applied to the counter-rotating rollers so you can adjust the parameters on the roller compactor to produce a consistent ribbon density.

The software package for encapsulation machines provides real-time encapsulation process monitoring and related reports and measures forces critical in the capsule manufacturing process, including pin tamping force and pin displacement to enable consistent setup.



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