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Natoli’s New Die Segment Storage Box

die segment holder

Looking for a way to securely store and transport your die segments? Natoli has the answer! Introducing Natoli’s Die Segment Storage Box – one of the safest and most efficient ways to store, protect, and transport die segments.

Storage box features

The Die Segment Storage Box features rugged construction with foam inserts and outside clips to keep your die segments secure. Foam inserts are available in several sizes to accommodate different sized segments. These boxes are made of FDA compliant materials, and can be used with your company’s preexisting storage shelves. They can be nested horizontally or stored vertically in bookshelf style to maximize space. This cost-effective storage solution has been designed to stack securely, or rest upright on a flat on the bottom of the box.

Importance of keeping your tooling organized

As a world leading tooling manufacturer for more than 40 years, Natoli understands how important it is to keep your tooling secure and organized, that’s why we built in a side ID tag location for easy identification of segments. The Natoli Die Segment Storage Box was also designed to be used with Natoli Tool Storage Boxes to optimize shelf space and eliminate the need for additional shelves or storage units.

Businesses all over the world trust Natoli storage boxes to protect their tooling investment. To learn more about Natoli’s storage solutions, check out our online catalog. To request more information or a quote, contact Natoli Engineering Company at +1 636-926-8900.


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