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Hands-On Training Focus Of Natoli’s Tablet And Tooling Seminar

Dave showing class how to buff and polish punches and dies

Tablet manufacturing employees from throughout the U.S. received a wealth of information during Natoli Engineer’s most recent class. The Tablet Press and Tooling Applied Learning Experience Training Seminar was Nov. 8-9, 2021, at Natoli’s headquarters in St. Charles, Mo. The two days of training provided years’ worth of knowledge to the attendees.

Following COVID safety protocols, attendees were provided plenty of hands-on training at Natoli’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Through classroom and hands-on sessions, attendees received an immersive experience in learning the basics of tablet compression all the way to advance topics of press operation and maintenance.

Coming out of the class, attendees were well on their way to master common tablet compression challenges, including:

Engineer Bill Turner, left, discusses the process of producing punches and dies.
  • Tablet press setup, operation, and maintenance
  • Reducing production downtime by minimizing compression problems
  • Rotary tablet presses
  • Scale-up to production issues
  • Primary causes for press failures
  • Proper tooling installation
  • Expanding tool life with proper maintenance
  • Factors affecting tablet quality
  • Buffing and polishing using best practices
  • Inspection points for punches, die tables, pockets
  • Feeder assembly; pans and paddle wheels
  • Lubrication levels, punch guides, cam tracks, pressure rolls and main gear box
  • Benefits of ultrasonic cleaning
  • Review of critical dimensions, working length, cup depth and overall length for punches
  • Assessing die bore wear
  • Measuring punch tip wear.
  • Dimensional inspections
  • Database software – Laser Vision Inspection System and Tool Management II

Natoli Engineering’s training sessions are instructed by our knowledgeable experts who bring decades of experience to the classroom lectures and hands-on breakout sessions. For nearly 50 years, tablet manufacturers have trusted Natoli to provide the knowledge to increase operation efficiency, exercise best practices, reduce production downtime, and minimize compression problems.

When you learn with Natoli,

you truly learn from the best in the business.

Feedback from attendees:

This course did a great job of teaching all the necessary fundamentals of tableting. We had both classroom courses, break-out sessions, and a lot of hands-on sessions.

An emphasis was on doing things correctly and more efficiently. One example is how to quickly turnaround polishing. I will be taking those lessons back with me.

Our company has some issues with powder pour and flowing. During the class we were able to find solutions to these specific issues by mechanical and formulation means.

I received a rich understanding of the process. It really made a big difference in my understanding. I was able to see up close all the tools and machines used in the industry and each of their functions.

I will now look at every tablet we produce and to make sure we are maintaining their quality.


We encourage everyone in the industry to follow Natoli’s social media and website to learn about our upcoming training sessions around the country. Natoli continues to provide comprehensive insights into the tablet development process, giving your employees powerful tools they can put to work immediately.

Natoli’s upcoming Training Sessions are posted at: Natoli Engineering Upcoming Training

Congratulations to the 2021 Class of Natoli’s Tablet Press and Tooling Applied Learning Experience Training Seminar. Throughout your careers, you will continue learning about the “art” and “science” of tableting, and Natoli will be there providing world class training and instruction.


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