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Lubrication is Critical for Punches and Presses

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Lubricating your punches properly is critical to keeping your tablet presses running efficiently and maintaining tablet compression tooling.

In this short Natoli Tech Tip video, watch our tech expert provide some quick information on how to properly lubricate your punches. Lubricating your barrels and punch heads keeps your cams running smoothly, punch guides clean, and tooling in good condition, prolonging the life of your presses and tooling, and ultimately saving you money.


Looking for more information on setting up your presses and tooling properly? Check out our more detailed ‘How-to Setup a Tablet Press with Standard Round Tooling,’ video below. Then explore our site for great technical articles, sign up for our e-book, and watch all of Natoli’s videos!


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Thank you very much for all of the help and patience with these sets of tooling, I know it has been difficult at some points with a lot of changes along the way. All of your work is much appreciated.

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