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Natoli Acquires AIM Software, Carlisle Precision Machining

software_pressNatoli Engineering is beginning 2018 with exciting developments!

First, we are proud to announce that we have acquired AIM™ Data Acquisition and Analytical Software from Measurement Control Corporation (MCC). Easy-to-use, Windows-based AIM™ Data Acquisition and Analytical Software facilitates and speeds tablet and capsule research and development and manufacturing by the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, confectionery, and veterinary industries.

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc. also has acquired Carlisle Precision Machining, a leader in aftermarket encapsulation replacement parts for most common brands of encapsulation machines. As a subsidiary of Natoli Engineering Company, the organization has been renamed Carlisle Precision Encapsulation Parts.

Natoli AIM™ Data Acquisition and Analytical Software

Natoli AIM™ Data Acquisition and Analytical Software is available for:

  • Single-station and rotary R&D tablet presses
  • Production tablet presses
  • Encapsulation machines
  • Roller compactors
  • High shear granulators

A single AIM™ Data Acquisition and Analytical Software package can be used with all these machines, enabling a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical lab or production facility to use one universal software platform for the entire location.

When used in conjunction with R&D tablet presses, the state-of-the-art software package can identify potential tableting issues such as capping and lamination during the product development stage. Plus, the software can determine whether there is sufficient tablet tensile strength and lubrication for successful large-scale manufacturing production. AIM™ Software saves time by getting projected tablet data results from even minor formulation changes and enables comparison of tablet press scalability parameters during the research and development process. Importantly, the software can generate data from a single tablet, thereby lowering costs by using a minimum amount of active ingredients.

Carlisle Precision Encapsulation Parts

Carlisle Precision Encapsulation Parts, based in Nampa, Idaho, manufactures complete replacement and change parts for many brands of capsule-filling machines. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, Carlisle products meet and often exceed the functionality and longevity of OEM encapsulation machine parts.

Encapsulation spares include:

  • Dosing disks
  • Segments
  • Alignment pins
  • Sorting blocks
  • Magazine assemblies

In addition to an expanded refurbishment service for many brands of encapsulation machines, Carlisle makes custom encapsulation machine parts that can be engineered to a customer’s exact specifications. Carlisle Precision Encapsulation Parts also offers training and consulting services.


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