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Natoli Takes Part in the Second Virtual Pharma Expo September 15-16

Virtual Pharmaceutical Pill Press Machine Expo with Natoli Engineering Graphic

Natoli had multiple representatives sharing their expertise with the several hundred people who tapped in to view this live online event.

Virtual Pharma Expo presentation on Multi-Tip Tooling by Bill Turner

In this presentation, Bill Turner discusses the advantages of using multi-tip tooling. He presents that to reduce your overall operating costs you must increase efficiency. You can increase efficiency by reducing the number of presses, tooling sets, and operators and utilize your existing equipment and facilities to the fullest extent. This can be achieved with multi-tip tooling. Bill also discusses that there are some obstacles in using multi-tip tooling, such as, some equipment may require modification or need to operate at a slower speed. Overall, multi-tip tooling is a great option to have when it comes to getting the most out of your operating costs.



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