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Natoli Tech Tips – How-to Video: Turret Inspection Kit

Inspecting your turret is an essential part of regular press maintenance, and trying to inspect manually is nearly impossible. That’s why it is important to have a Certified Turret Inspection Kit specifically designed for your tablet press.

Understanding how to use the kit is also crucial. Watch the video below and see how easy it can be to properly assess your turrets. This kit is perfect for checking the punch guide alignment and die pocket wear. Need more assistance? Contact one of our highly trained Technical Service Representatives.

Follow the descriptions below:

  1. When inspecting your turret first, grab your alignment tool and check for proper alignment between the upper and lower punch guides, and the die table.
  2. If the turret has proper alignment, next insert the inspection die into the die insertion ring.
  3. Tap the die into place using a die driving rod.
  4. Now you’ll need to install your die lock screws.
  5. First, tighten by hand with an Allen wrench, then use a preset torque wrench to tighten to the correct tightness.
  6. Use the alignment rod to make sure alignment of punch guide and die is correct. The alignment rod should easily slide into and out of the die pocket.
  7. If the alignment rod strikes the die, your die pocket may be worn.
  8. The Go/No Go Gauge may verify the punch guide is not worn.

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