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NP-500 Series Rotary Tablet Press

Versatile Tablet Press Available in Semi-Automatic and Automatic Models

np-500 single punch tablet compression machine graphicNatoli Engineering Company, Inc. offers the NP-500 Series, a double-sided, single-footprint rotary tablet press. Designed to compress tablets requiring extra fill and extended dwell time, the NP-500 is a heavy-duty machine with unsurpassed technical support and replacement part availability.

Maximum Dwell Time (MDT) Head

With a 135% larger head flat diameter than standard “B” tooling, and a 70% larger head flat diameter than standard “D” tooling, compression dwell time is dramatically increased. Servo-motors provide precise control of fill depth and tablet thickness. The increased die height provides 100% more fill than the standard “B” die and 69% more fill than the standard “D” die. Natoli Engineering’s NP-500 Series Tablet Press also features centrally located lubrication ports for faster, more reliable maintenance. The press lubrication system ensures continuous lubrication to spindle bearings and rear drive. Machine monitoring can be vital for proper maintenance and quality production.

Natoli AIM™ Control System

The Automatic Model has the ability to monitor hopper level, compression force and machine temperature through a user-friendly touch screen mounted on a stainless steel control panel. If a problem is detected, the press will automatically shutdown, protecting valuable tools. Delivering up to 4,500 tablets per minute, the NP-500 Series Tablet Press combines outstanding tablet production, automation and reliability with lower servicing costs.

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It was a great help to us to fix our tooling issue, as we are running this product commercially and being down would have put us in a huge bind…We don’t know what we would have done without Natoli’s help! 

- Pharmaceutical R&D Company