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Natoli AIM™ R&D and Operating Control Systems

The industry-leading Natoli AIM™ data acquisition and operating system platform was developed to facilitate and speed tablet and capsule R&D and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, confectionery, and veterinary industries.

The flexible AIM™ architecture also enables Natoli to create a customized R&D platform or operating control system that meets your exact needs. The AIM™ Software platform can be customized to the specifications of any research or production environment, and you purchase only the features and capabilities you need. The best part? AIM™ can be implemented into your current operation, as it can be retrofitted to almost any press!

Find out more about our retrofitting services to see how you can upgrade your existing machine with the powerful capabilities of Natoli’s AIM™ Software.

AIM™ Software Packages Available for: