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AIM™ Data Acquisition and Analytical Software for Rotary R&D Tablet Presses

Tablet R&D Made Easy

AIM_front_facing_left_LenovoFlex5When used in conjunction with a research and development tablet press, AIM™ Data Acquisition and Analytical Software enables you to quickly measure and evaluate different tablet formulations and properties, speeding the R&D process and reducing the time to large-scale manufacturing production.

AIM™ Data Acquisition and Analytical Software helps you easily evaluate compaction properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and potential formulations and identify potential tableting issues such as capping, lamination, sticking/picking, porosity, scalability, and tablet robustness during the product development stage.

Natoli AIM™ Data Acquisition and Analytical Software for Rotary R&D tablet presses:

  • Saves time by getting projected data results from formulation changes during R&D
  • Evaluates compaction properties of APIs and potential formulations
  • Identifies potential tableting issues including capping, lamination, and sticking/picking
  • Determines whether there is sufficient tablet tensile strength and lubrication
  • Obtains data directly from your R&D tablet press
  • Generates data from a single tablet
  • Helps evaluate mechanical properties of tablet material
  • Generates easy-to-read reports
  • When equipped with optional equipment, enables comparison of tablet press scalability parameters

The flexible AIM™ architecture enables Natoli to create a customized R&D platform that meets your exact needs.


Natoli AIM™ Software for Rotary Tablet Presses measures:

  • Pre-compression force
  • Upper/lower compression force
  • Ejection force
  • Punch face sticking force
  • Temperature
  • Turret speed
  • Strain rate sensitivity


Quickly Create Valuable Reports

Natoli AIM™ Software allows you to select from and export many valuable data reports that can include the following information:

  • Individual and average forces
  • Post-compaction data
  • Turret speed (for rotary presses)
  • Dwell time
  • Compression event consolidation time
  • Relaxation time
  • Contact time

Easily Generate Plots for Tablet Profiles

Natoli AIM™ Software combines imported tableting data from a tablet press with manually entered tablet parameters to automatically generate plots for the following profiles:

Tabletability Profile

Tablet tensile strength vs. compaction pressure Tablet tensile strength vs.
compaction pressure

Compactibility Profile

Tensile strength vs. solid fraction Tensile strength vs. solid fraction

Compressibility Profile

Solid fraction vs. compaction pressure Solid fraction vs. compaction pressure

Scale-up Calculator

The AIM™ Data Acquisition and Analytical Software’s “Scale-up Calculator”—which includes an extensive library of tablet presses used in the industry—is a standalone program that matches critical compression parameters on a variety of presses for reliable scalability including:

  • Tangential velocity
  • Punch vertical velocity
  • Feeding time
  • Consolidation time
  • Dwell time
  • Relaxation time
  • Contact time
  • Ejection time
  • Total time to make one tablet

Take-Off Force Sensor

The AIM™ Software Take-Off-Force Sensor measures punch face sticking force, which enables you to identify potential tablet sticking problems.

Add AIM™ Software to Your Existing R&D Tablet Press!

Natoli’s AIM™ Software can be added to existing rotary R&D tablet presses that do not come with factory-installed analytical software, greatly increasing its value to the R&D process. For rotary R&D tablet presses with existing software, you can upgrade your software capabilities to include the benefits of this data acquisition and analytical software. AIM™ Software adds the ability to develop Heckel plots and work curves. The AIM™ Analytical Software Package comes with force transducer sensors, displacement sensors and AIM™ Software preloaded on a Lenovo Flex 5 14” laptop computer.


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