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Enhance the Performance of Your Tablet Press with Natoli AIM™ Instrumentation

Kikusui-Rebuild-Before-After-WebIncrease Production. Save Money.

Natoli AIM™ instrumentation software is a flexible data acquisition and control system platform that can be customized to the needs of your R&D or production team. Natoli AIM™ can be retrofitted to single-station and rotary R&D and production tablet presses, roller compactors, high-shear granulators, and encapsulation machines. The flexible architecture of Natoli AIM™ research and operating software enables us to create a customized R&D platform or operating control system that meets your exact needs. You pay for only the features and capabilities you need.

Tablet Press Research and Operating Control Systems Customized to Your Exact Needs

Retrofitting your existing tablet press with Natoli AIM™ instrumentation software can be a cost-effective way to improve your R&D program or increase overall tablet production. Natoli can upgrade existing single-station and rotary R&D tablet presses and production tablet presses to:

  • Improve ease of operation
  • Collect and store data
  • Create valuable reports
  • Enhance press performance.

For production presses, Natoli AIM™ instrumentation software can provide improved tablet quality, reduced product loss, and updated cGMP compliance. A Natoli AIM™ instrumentation package can be included as part of an overall tablet press refurbishment or as a standalone installation.

Not Just for Tablet Presses

The power of Natoli AIM™ software is not limited to tablet presses. Natoli AIM™ data acquisition and control systems can be used with roller compactors, high-shear granulators, and encapsulation machines, providing a single software platform for your entire lab or production facility. In addition, Natoli AIM™ software makes capturing data and creating helpful reports fast and easy.

Natoli AIM™ for Encapsulation Machines

The software package for encapsulation machines provides real-time encapsulation process monitoring and related reports and measures forces critical in the capsule manufacturing process, including pin tamping force and pin displacement to enable consistent setup.

Natoli AIM™  for Roller Compactors

The Natoli AIM™ software package for roller compactors allows you to easily and quickly monitor the compaction process by recording and displaying the following:

  • Roller force and pressure
  • Roll gap/ribbon thickness
  • Roll torque and roll speed

This helps identify whether too much or too little force is being applied to the counter-rotating rollers so you can adjust the parameters on the roller compactor to produce a consistent ribbon density.

Natoli AIM™ for High-Shear Granulators

Natoli AIM™ software for high-shear granulators allows you to easily monitor and measure the granulation process. By measuring impeller torque, power, amperage, and tip speed, the Natoli AIM™ software package helps you identify the process endpoint and provide the parameters for scale-up.

Unparalleled Natoli Customer Support and Training

Partner with an industry leader whose services and support reach far beyond tablet compression tooling. We didn’t become an innovator and technological leader only by crafting high-quality punches and dies. We are world-renowned for providing invaluable and practical support and training to our customers, and the support we provide for Natoli AIM™ research and control systems software is no exception. To get started contact your Natoli sales representative and they will help create the optimum package to meet your specifications and goals.

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