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Join Natoli Experts at the Natoli TCR Training and Service Center in Poland for Two-Days of Training!

Poland Training June 2019

Natoli Tablet Compression Resource Training and Service Center in Szczecin Poland, is holding a comprehensive two-day training course June 11 & 12. Join Hans Eirik Forsjord, Natoli Technical Training Expert, and Grzegorz Grzybowski, Executive Manager at Natoli Poland, for in-depth training on everything from basics to best practices for optimum tablet production.

If you’re looking to better understand the tablet manufacturing process, this course is for you! Topics covered, include tablet press setup, operation, and maintenance; tooling information from tablet design, tooling inspection, and maintenance, to steel types and coatings, troubleshooting tablet defects, and much more!

Natoli’s training combines hands-on experience with leading-edge technology a unique training environment that encourages open dialogue, Q&A, live demonstrations, and firsthand experience with tooling equipment and instruction.



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Natoli has ensured that our operations are running on the cutting edge with the latest methods and improvements in the industry. I appreciate the staff’s continuous customer service and support long after our initial purchases with them. I also appreciate the effective communication for inquires that happen frequently for me, a rare quality to find these days. The Natoli team is quite knowledgeable and the best in the business!

- Manufacturing Technician Lead atSterisil, Inc