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Which Tablet Compression Training Is Right for You?

Jon Gaik Training SmallerIn the October 22, 2018, issue of Solid Dose Digest, a reader asked, “I need tablet compression training. How do I decide which course is right for me?”

Natoli Scientific Director Jonathan Gaik answered:

Tablet compression is complicated, and most who work in the industry learn on the job, but a growing number of options are available to supplement on-the-job training. These options provide press operators, R&D scientists, and maintenance technicians with more formal instruction on topics such as formulation development, process development and scale-up, press maintenance, and troubleshooting manufacturing issues.

You can learn more about tablet compression by watching videos or webinars, attending lectures or demonstrations, or participating in hands-on or company-specific workshops. In this article, I discuss some pros and cons for each training type to help you find the right course.


A quick search for “tablet manufacturing” on YouTube shows many videos on topics such as how a tablet press functions, how to set up and maintain a tablet press, and how to maintain tooling. Videos are specific; you get the information you need on the topic that interests you. They typically cost little to nothing and take little time, and you can watch them at your convenience. While videos provide specific information, you won’t get hands-on experience or the opportunity to interact with an instructor.


Webinars can either be live or recorded. Some are free, while others cost a nominal fee. They tend to be longer than videos, usually around an hour. Live webinars can be more engaging than recorded ones, which is important due to their length. Presenters usually answer questions and typically provide their contact information for follow-up after the presentation. Webinars attract many attendees, which likely means the presenter can’t answer everyone’s questions. While providers schedule some webinars at specific times, they also offer them on demand, which eliminates your ability to ask questions.

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