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Anti-Sticking: A Case Study

Are You Paying for Your Problem?

What price do you put on something so integral to your product’s success? At Natoli, our goal is to support you in making a quality solid-dose product efficiently.

Recently, a pharmaceutical company asked for our help to solve a sticking problem. The issue began shortly after start-up, despite the use of specialty coated tooling from a European tooling supplier. Our experienced staff worked diligently to learn more about the sticking issue.

We supplied a custom set of tooling, which included a variety of different steel types and punch coatings.

What Was the Discovery?

After a short run, it was discovered that the special coating wasn’t necessary and was actually contributing to the problem! By using one particular steel type, the sticking issue was eliminated.

After determining the optimal steel type, the process was more efficient and the company experienced a tremendous cost savings. Not only was there no additional cost for the special coating, but tooling was delivered in one week! With the sticking issue solved, it enhanced tablet quality, and reduced product waste. We want to partner with you to be an an invaluable source of support resulting in quality solid-dose products.

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Outstanding technical consult and workmanship. I am a satisfied customer, 100%! Nice work ladies and gentlemen. Thank you and compliments all around.

- Ammunitions Manufacturer