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Cypress, CA Hosts Another Successful Cannabis Tablets Training Course

by / Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Cannabis Tablet Training Natoli California 2019

The Natoli Engineering Service Center in Cypress, California held yet another successful, sold-out training course in May of 2019. Attendees, a mix of R&D and technical operators/technicians, were instructed by Natoli’s tableting experts while working hands-on with equipment to design, formulate, and compress tablets. Cannabis tablets are garnering attention in both the recreational and medical industries as they can be produced quickly and efficiently to yield a higher ROI than other delivery methods.

Throughout this 2-day course, sixteen attendees learned more about the overall tableting process from tooling maintenance and repair options, to tablet shape and design, and how to identify and troubleshoot common tablet defects while also receiving instruction on formulation characterization.

An attendee from Kiva Confections commented, “I loved the seminar. I felt very enlightened from the material and it answered all my questions.

Additionally, another attendee from Kiva Confections added, “There was plenty of time to be able to ask questions and get a detailed response. I can effectively proceed with problem-solving.

A lot of the material was presented in ways it can easily be understood by all learning curves,” stated another attendee out of Raymond, WA.


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