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Hands-On Spring Training At Natoli Headquarters

Image of Man Showing People Pill Press for Natoli Engineering's Tablet Manufacturing Training

A small group of individuals were on-site this week at Natoli Headquarters for our Basics of Tablet Manufacturing & Troubleshooting training course. Attendees gained an immersive experience in learning the basics of tablet shapes and designs; press setup and operations; tooling options and steel types; tool inspections; and tool reworking and polishing. After a year of webinars and virtual learning, trainees were excited to be in-person (following safety protocols, of course) as nothing compares to the quality hands-on training offered here at our state-of-the-art facilities that allow you to be actively engaged and learning.

This week’s trainees are leaving with an understanding of fundamental concepts including:

  • Basics of tablet shapes and designs
  • Tablet press setup and operation: cause and effects
  • General background of tooling options and steel types
  • Formulation and granulation overview
  • Tool inspection discussion
  • Introduction to Natoli’s TM-II tool inspection system
  • Hands-on tool reworking and polishing

Are you ready to get hands-on again? Save the date for our next Basics of Tablet Manufacturing & Troubleshooting course coming up later this year!


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