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FOX News Interviews Natoli About Employee G.A.S. Program

image reads Gas Assistance Subsidy at the top, above a gas pump showing three dollars per gallon.

KTVI Channel FOX 2 news caught wind of our Gas Assistance Subsidy (G.A.S.) Program and wanted to hear more about it! They met with President and CEO, Dale Natoli, who explained why he felt it was necessary to implement the Program.

“You know, this is our workforce and that makes a company,” said Natoli. “Without the employees and a good quality workforce, you don’t have a company. With that in mind, you really want to offer any kind of financial support that you can. We appreciate the fact that they come to work.  If there’s anything we can do to help them do that, we’re going to do that.”

While the Program’s primary goal is to lift the burden of fuel costs from employee’s wallets, Dale Natoli hopes other companies in the St. Louis area and beyond would be encouraged to create programs like G.A.S.

It may help to relieve the short term financial strain, but the Program goes beyond a simple transaction. It strengthens a relationship between employer and employee. This human, relational element of the G.A.S. Program is why it stands to do more than just put money back in people’s wallets.

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Thank you so much for getting the tooling done so quickly. As I was telling my client, I had a great relationship with Natoli in the past at my previous employer and Natoli will always go above and beyond to try to help the client out but even I was surprised that you could turn around this order so quickly. From our management, we really appreciated Natoli being able to process the tooling in an expedited manner!!!!

- Pharmaceutical Company