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Maximizing Tooling Life

We are passionate about training scientists and operators in the tablet compression industry. We love hosting them at our Technical Centers, but we are also honored when our customers invite us into their facilities for on-site training as well. Such was the case when our customer asked our tooling experts to train their staff. This is what the transformation from having the Natoli Advantage looks like.

Dave-BreakoutThe Issue

Our customer, a nutraceuticals manufacturer, contacted Natoli Engineering Company to ask for technical training for their first- and second-shift maintenance mechanics and toolroom attendant. Many of the nutraceutical ingredients can be very abrasive; therefore, it was important to our customer that they maximize the life expectancy of their tooling.

The customer is considering conducting a more tailored on-site training program for their machine operators to give them a better understanding of how tooling and the tablet press work, so that the responsibilities no longer fall on the shoulders of just one person. Saving time during tablet press setup and operation, requires having a staff that is fully trained. We trained them not only on the operational aspects of the job, but the teamwork required as well. That’s why our teaching philosophy goes beyond the technical; we believe the personal aspect of how employees interact with each other is just as important. Our customer said, “(We) believe the training that was given to our maintenance mechanics really helped them understand how important maintaining and evaluating the tooling is to making a good tablet.”

The Natoli Advantage

Natoli representatives visited the customer for two days and were asked to evaluate the current practices of how the customer was handling the tooling. This included the storing and staging of the tooling before entering the production floor, how the tools were transferred into the compression area, the installation and removal of the tooling on the tablet press, as well as tool maintenance and current tool cleaning and polishing methods.

After the evaluation, Natoli provided both classroom and hands-on training for the team of maintenance mechanics. This training gave them a clear and thorough understanding of how to properly handle and maintain their tablet compression tooling inventory.

Finally, Natoli provided a written report outlining all aspects of their visit, including an evaluation of current practices, aspects of the customer procedures that warrant commandment, and recommendations on areas of improvement.

The customer gained a great deal of knowledge and a sense of confidence in this area of their operation. Upon completion the maintenance mechanics had a greater understanding of how they could directly improve the life expectancy of the tooling they use, reducing their tooling replacement costs. In addition, the customer is saving time during press setup and operation because more employees are fully trained.

“Natoli is a great company to partner with and do business with. Natoli customer service is second to none!”


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The training, factory staff and instruction completely exceeded all expectations. I would come back anytime; easily one of the Top 10, if not Top 5, companies I have visited with. I spoke with Dale about what a great company Natoli is.

- Animal Health Company