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Natoli Attends 2022 Excipient World Conference & Expo

The 2022 Excipient World Conference & Expo, held in Kissimmee, Florida was a success! This was the conference’s first production since the global pandemic in 2020, which required the expo to be cancelled. Natoli returned to the conference in full force with a poster presentation on the impact of punch cup depths on USP <1062> Profiles and Capping Index, and another on Diluent-Binder Scale for Direct Compression Tableting. Over the course of two days, Natoli met with attendees from all over the globe, performed live R&D demonstrations on an NP-RD10A single station tablet press, and fielded Q&A sessions with attendees on leveraging USP <1062> compaction data. Natoli even had the great pleasure of meeting Robert Pinco, one of the founding members of IPEC-Americas! Natoli’s raffle awarded a handful of lucky winners, who left the conference with a $100 VISA gift card!
Excipient World is the leading education, networking and sourcing resource for the $6+ billion and growing global excipient market. Its mission is to educate all excipient-user manufacturers on the business, science, quality and safe use of excipients as well as proven excipients and delivery advancements for drugs and products in the pipeline, while bringing buyers and suppliers together to power worldwide excipient sales and innovations. It’s the only U.S. event focused exclusively on excipients and their vital role in the development, formulation, quality, compliance and availability of drugs and consumer healthcare products.


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