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Natoli Engineering Presents at Taiwan’s Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center

Natoli Engineering was invited to present at the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center meeting held in Taiwan November 14th and 15th.  Robert Sedlock, Director of Technical Training & Development at Natoli Scientific, presented information on the solid dosage development process, tablet compression troubleshooting, manufacturing scale up and continuous manufacturing technology.

Robert also lead a discussion on SUPAC challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan.  Natoli Scientific provides customized solutions to complex tablet R&D, scale-up, and manufacturing challenges for customers worldwide.  Natoli Scientific services include formulation development and evaluation, formulation modification, solving sticking and picking problems, tool steel and coating recommendations, training and more.



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The training, factory staff and instruction completely exceeded all expectations. I would come back anytime; easily one of the Top 10, if not Top 5, companies I have visited with. I spoke with Dale about what a great company Natoli is.

- Animal Health Company